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Seniman berasal dari Bandung, Yogie Achmad Ginanjar akan memamerkan karya-karya lukisan mutakhirnya di Orbital Dago. Ini merupakan pameran tunggalnya sejak beberapa tahun mengikuti berbagai pameran kelompok di beberapa kota, dan menguratori beberapa pameran. Diberi judul Borderline karena karya -karya lukisan Yogie bercorak diantara batasan realisme dan abstraksi. Seolah Yogie dalam melukis tertantang mencari nilai – nilai didalam antara ruang-ruang tersebut untuk menemukan hal lain dalam praktek melukisnya. Sejak 2017 , Yogie mengembangkan berbagai teknik yang menggabungkan antara yang abstrak, aksi melukis dan hiperealisme.

Maka dalam pameran ini Yogie telah membuat pernyataannya sebagai seniman / kurator .

Pameran akan berlangsung mulai 17 Mei hingga 11 Juni 2003

Di Orbital Dago, Galeri.


Rifky Effendy

Orbital dago


In my recent artistic journey, I have been captivated by the interplay between realism and abstraction, the delicate dance that occurs along the borderlines of these contrasting worlds. My paintings explore the rich terrain that exists in the liminal space between the tangible and the intangible, the familiar and the enigmatic. Through my work, I seek to challenge the conventional boundaries of representation, inviting viewers to embark on a visual exploration that blurs the lines between what is real and what is imagined.

In my pursuit of this artistic realm, I employ a variety of techniques that traverse the spectrum of realism and abstraction. At times, I begin with a concrete subject, often appropriated from well-known classic masterpieces, meticulously capturing its intricate details, allowing the viewer to recognize and connect with the familiar. However, as the process unfolds, I gradually introduce elements of abstraction, weaving them into the fabric of the composition. These abstractions take shape as bold brushstrokes, vibrant colours, or distorted forms, imbuing the work with a sense of emotional depth and ambiguity.

The concept of “borderline” serves as a conceptual anchor in my artistic practice. It is an exploration of the boundaries that exist not only in the realm of art but also within the human experience. These borderlines, like the ephemeral nature of memories or the fleeting emotions that shape our lives, are ever-shifting and elusive. Through my paintings, I aim to capture these elusive moments, suspending them in time and inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty and complexity of the human condition.

By blurring the boundaries between realism and abstraction, my work offers a departure from the confines of traditional representation, allowing viewers to embark on a subjective journey. Each brushstroke becomes an invitation to step into the realm of imagination, to engage with the artwork on an emotional level, and to question the very nature of perception. In the interplay of realism and abstraction, I discover a profound sense of freedom. It is within this delicate balance, this “borderline,” that I find the infinite possibilities of artistic expression. I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration, where the boundaries dissolve, and new worlds emerge. (Yogie Achmad Ginanjar)


Yogie Achmad Ginanjar (Born in Bandung, 12-05-1981) is an Indonesian artist (painter) and Curator. Graduated Cum Laude from the Faculty of Fine Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), majoring in Painting. Since 2004, Yogie has been participating in art exhibitions and programs worldwide. In 2005, Yogie participated a workshop initiated by Agus Suwage in Soemardja Gallery, Bandung-Indonesia. In the same year (2005), he was invited to participate in the Curatorial Workshop with Malcolm Smith, Asia Link, and Kelola Foundation initiated the program. Some of the artist’s notable group exhibitions are: I Play Therefore I Am, National Gallery, Jakarta-Indonesia (2005); Bandung in Emergence, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung-Indonesia (2006); REFRESH, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore (2008); Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), South Korea (2010-2011); ArtStage Singapore, Singapore (2010-2013); South East Asia (SEA)+ Triennale, National Gallery-Indonesia (2013); Bazaar Art Jakarta (Annually since 2012-2017); Sovereign Asia Art Awards Exhibition, Espace Louis Vuitton, Singapore (2013). The 2017 Sovereign Asia Art Prize- Finalist Exhibition Opening, Hong Kong (2017). Silent Imagination, G13 Gallery Selangor-Malaysia.

Solo Exhibitions: Neo Chiaroscuro, Valentine Willie Fine Arts, KL-Malaysia (2009); VERISIMILITUDE, Valentine Willie Fine Arts, KL-Malaysia (2013). Some of the artist’s notable achievement: Public Vote Winner for Sovereign Asia Art Prize (2017), 1 st Place for Curatorial Competition, Sri Baduga Museum- a West Java Province Museum-Indonesia (2004); Best Student of The Year for Fine Art Department, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (2005); The Best Artwork, West Java Painting Competition (2006, 2007) Curatorial works: Parrhesia, A Solo Exhibition by Tjutju Widjaja, Pullman Jakarta Central Park (2017); Interface: Bandung, Valentine Willie Fine Arts Malaysia (2012); Hear No Evil, See No Evil: A Solo Exhibition by Tjutju Widjaja, Cemara 6 Galeri, Indonesia (2016)

Using binaries composition and popular codes as his visual reference, his Painting represents criticism towards a contemporary and global society. Since 2017, Yogie has been developing a new technique, combining the practice of abstract, action painting, and hyperrealism.

Yogie currently works and lives in Bandung, Indonesia.

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