Zico Albaiquni

(born in Bandung 1987, lives and works in Bandung) presents a painting titled The next Sentence is True, the Previous Sentence is False (2017), describing one way of communication by approaching daily reality with a rather impressionistic style of painting. “I took a snapshot of two people sitting without any tendencies (intentions)… But their sitting position acquires a tendency when it enters form or an art performance,” he said. Because Zico has chosen to record a natural human gesture, and then to align it along an art history context (particularly Western Modern), his work acquires a different understanding/interpretation, even one that is so far out of the artist’s control. Drama(tization) emerges from the way the image is presented, and it automatically acquires its historical meaning. Zico extensively revisits painting concepts as found in the modern era, in an effort to discover value within a contemporary context.


Zico Albaiquni
The Next Sentence is True, The Previous Sentence is False
Oil on Canvas
124 x 201 cm

Price  :  IDR 45,000,000
             $ 3,400

BFA, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology  (Majoring in Painting), Indonesia

2017         “Perjalanan Senyap”, represented by Orbital Dago, Bandung, Indonesia
2012        “Bandung New Emergence”, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space Bandung

“Bandung Contemporary Art Award”, Lawangwangi Bandung “What Images Want”, Art1 Mondecor Jakarta

“Prismatic Vibe”, Feng Gallery, Jakarta

“Re-interpretating Tradition ” , Ber.seni Project, Jakarta

“Bazaar Art Fair: Islamic Art”, Pacific Place, Jakarta

“Papered Experimental”, Gedung Indonesia Menggugat Bandung

2011        “Jakarta Biennale: Maximum City”, Galeri Nasional Jakarta

“Rite of Now”, Galeri AJBS Surabaya

“Artist Studio”, Paris Van Java, Bandung

2010        “Holocaust”, Umahseni Jakarta

“Truly Bagus Project”, FALVA, University of Western Australia

“Depiction Object”, Galeri Padi, Bandung

“For Foreigner”, Austria Embassy, AoC Bandung.

“Meniru”, Campus Centre ITB