Erika Ernawan

(born in Bandung 1986), is an artist who often uses her physical state (body), installation work, and other media as elements of her work. Her performance approach tends to push against the edges of morally-established meaning or understanding in society. This time Erika brushes paint over printed image adhered to Perspex. Motionless (2016-17) was born from the issue of time [spent] within a performance art piece that is dominated by “stillness”, such as what we often see in Marina’s and Ulay’s performances. By ‘freezing’ paint, the stillness is materialized, reminding us of Jackson Pollock’s process of creating his paintings. However, we find in Erika’s works a metaphor discoursing the body and the self.


Erika Ernawan
Digital Print Acrylic on Perspex
160 x 100 cm

Price :  IDR 40,000,000
            $  3,000

2003 – 2007       BFA, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (Majoring in Painting), Indonesia

2017           Beyond Boundaries- Globalisierung and Identity, Liectenstein Landes Museum, Vanduz, Germany

  Mashup Syndicate, Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Jakarta

  Perjalanan Senyap, Orbital Dago, Bandung

2016           Art for Education, Artdept, Jakarta

 Singapore Contemporary, Artsphere, Singapore

 Waiting for it to Happen, Nadi Galleri, Platform3, Jakarta

 The Artists’s Storage, Duet with Erik Pauhrizi, Platform3, Bandung

 Artstage, D-Galleri, Jakarta Bazzar Art, Jakarta

2012          “Ruhe in Frieden”, Lawangwangi Art & Science Estate, Bandung, Indonesia

2011          “Der Spiegel: Her Space (subvert) His Gaze”, Viviyip Art Room Jakarta Indonesia