You, In A Glimpse

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Pameran Tunggal Puri Fidhini

You, In A Glimpse

Pembukaan 17 November 2017 . Jam 19.00 WIB
Pameran berlangsung hingga 08 Desember 2017

Born on January 8, 1992 in Bandung, Indonesia, Puri Fidhini is a Bandung-based artist who has both bachelor and master’s degree from the Faculty of Art and Design, Institute Technology Bandung. Besides working on her art, Puri is also striving for her life path as a fashion entrepreneur and established her own brand. About this matter, Puri stated that, “art is like an alteration in expressing my anxiety, what is inside my head, where i could be what i’ve wanted to become. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur is another way to improve myself in thinking structurally, while making ends meet.” For her, both are unpredictable, but has a different temptation.

As long as I’m making art, I’ve been interested in using unconventional medium as my canvas that mostly has transparent and reflective surface (or both), such as acrylic sheet, plastic, glass and the recent one; mirror. Thru art, I speak about my reality, mind and perceptions of the everyday life; self and space. In my recent work, I explore many possibilities of the relationship of the human body, daily objects & activities with surrounding space through mirror reflection. Mirror, as daily object is viewed as a tool to understand oneself – how we question our appearance, our reality or even our existence as a human being, and indeed it is happening like a cycle; repeatitively just like day and night. For me, mirror is like a static camera video that records the moving image which appear and then dissapear, and so on. In the other way, mirror has its own spiritual context; as a connector to another space. Everything reflected in a mirror, reflected in a glimpse. By using a reflective material as the main medium, I try to put people into a confusing state of situation; they try to see, read, understand or simply enjoying the subject matter on the artwork – while at the same time what they see is also themselves being overlap-ly reflected on its mirror surface. The way when we see our self on the mirror, what we see is not only our physical body — further, there are questions, hope, desires, jugment, admires, fearness that live within us and still (always) on its way to form and identified we – as we are.

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